Putting In Another Day’s Work

Well, Hello USF:

Yesterday was another great day her at USF: OCEP! First things first, the Office met collaboratively to go over upcoming events and projects that are currently in the works here at OCEP. It was a great opportunity to get an overall understanding of what is in the process here at OCEP.

After the meeting, Erin and I continued to work on the ALICE project. We also started to skim through the pictures from our Match-Up Event, so we hope to have those posted shortly on OCEP’s facebook page as well as here on our blog.

A real exciting aspect of the day was having the opportunity to schedule a tour with Feed-A-Bull. If you haven’t heard of Feed-A-Bull, here is a quick run down. It is a food pantry on campus that is run by the Center for Student Well-Being. The purpose of it is to provide students with food insecurity in order to promote academic success. Erin and I are excited to meet with a rep from the pantry, and we have high hopes that we can help assist the pantry to meet its full potential.

So, off to another day’s work. Erin or myself will be blogging more in the coming up days!

Stay well, USF!




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