A Day in the Life: USF OCEP is a blog from two student’s perspectives as we complete an internship at the University of South Florida’s Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships (OCEP).

Some introductory knowledge about our office:

OCEP’s purpose is to expand on university-community engagement with support of USF students, faculty, and the surrounding Tampa Bay communities on a local and global level. OCEP’s mission is to consistently evoke positive change through high-impact research and development, a duty to student’s success, and maintaining and building new partnerships that are beneficial to students.

Service-learning is another important component of OCEP. What is service-learning you ask? Service-learning connects student’s academic courses with civic engagement. It is an opportunity for students and faculty to engage in learning within the community that focuses on public concern and making a difference.

Another important component of OCEP is community engagement. Community engagement collaborates with the surrounding community to carry out scholarly and pedagogical activities whether it be on a local, regional, national, or global level. What’s great about community engagement, as it relates to students, is that it gives you a “hands on” experience to co-curricular activities that pertain to the students area of study.


This is us ^ (Erin, April)